All that You Need to Know about Chetwynd to Set off on an Exciting Trip


It was one quiet Wednesday evening that I felt like going for a quick trip with my family to somewhere pleasant and adventurous. I discussed with my wife Yoko and we decided to go to Chetwynd, BC, Canada would be the best. We had wanted to go there for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. So, we packed our bags and left for a road trip of four days with our daughters Mia and Sasha. The experience we had was unbelievably wonderful and we can’t wait to go there again!

Insight to my Memorable Experience in Chetwynd

We went through the railway route, VIA Rail. For a road trip, the Pacific Marine Circle route is recommended. Chetwynd is the ideal place to recharge your mind and spend alone time with your family in the best possible ways.

· The culture and history


Chetwynd has a rich cultural history which proved to be quite educational for my daughters. The “Little Prairie” or the Pacific Great Eastern Railway is a must see rail yard that’s there since 1958. From there, Chetwynd’s geography has changed due to the several natural disasters that happened over the years. The “Little Giant” statue is an incredible piece of art. Along with that, the contemporary elements of Chetwynd can be seen with the paved pathways, windmills, chainsaw carvings and much more.


· The hotels

We stayed in the hotel that is the Peace River Inn & Suites, this Chetwynd hotel offer splendid services. We stayed in the hotel that is the Peace River Inn & Suites. I can guarantee anyone about just how awesome & friendly their service is. The staff is splendid. We had a warm welcome. The services were top notch with high quality amenities but at affordable rates. My girls certainly loved those cozy beds and delicious meals. We’re thinking of renting rooms for a long term now in I would love to recommend to other fellow travelers who are planning to stay in this beautiful place in Canada.

So, to conclude like in the words of Sasha and Mia, “We are coming again!” And we recommend you do that same. Stay in which is one of the best hotels, to experience the best trip in Chetwynd.

checkout this youtube video about this Chetwynd Hotel below for more detail.

· The weather

Chetwynd has a pleasant weather with all the four seasons in one year. We went during the time of spring in July and it was beautiful all around. During the day we could easily wear dresses and short sleeve shirts but we had to put on light overalls during the evening. If you’re looking to go during winters, the snow doesn’t stay for long so you’re good to go. The summers are between 22-28 degrees C.


· The Fun things to do:


During our 4 days trip, we visited the fantastic Chetwynd Chainsaw cravings, had a picnic in Gwilliam Lake Provincial Park, went on camping at Pine Le Moray Provincial Park and visited the little Prairie Heritage Museum. Chetwynd has so much to offer that we could not get enough of it in our short trip.